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How to use your dryer?

Last Updated: Jul 22, 2014 10:31AM EDT


Automatic Cycles automatically match the cycle setting to the type of load and adjust drying time for optimal performance.

1. Clean lint screen.

2. Place laundry in the dryer. Shut the door.

3. Press POWER.

4. Select the desired AUTOMATIC cycle.

5. Press and hold START/PAUSE to begin.



1. Clean lint screen.

2. Place laundry in the dryer. Shut the door.

3. Press POWER.

4. Select the desired TIMED cycle.

5. Press TEMP until the desired temperature glows.

6. Press and hold START/PAUSE to begin.


Stopping Your Dryer

To stop your dryer at any time Press POWER.Pausing or Restarting To stop the dryer at any time Open the door or press START/PAUSE once.

To restart the dryer ,Close the door and press and hold START/PAUSE


Automatic Cycle Settings

Use TIMED Cycles to select a specific amount of drying time anda drying temperature. Press the TEMP button to change the drying temperature from the default setting. The default drying temperature is Hot.

Air Dry:

Use the Air Dry temperature setting with TIMED DRY cycles for items that require drying without heat such as rubber, plastic, and heat-sensitive fabrics. This chart shows examples of items that can be dried using Air Dry.Foam rubber - pillows, padded bras, stuffed toys 20 - 30 Plastic - shower curtains, tablecloths 20 - 30 Rubber-backed rugs 40 - 50 Olefin, polypropylene, sheer nylon 10 - 20

*Reset time to complete drying, if needed.

When using Air Dry:

■ Check that coverings are securely stitched.

■ Shake and fluff pillows by hand periodically during the cycle.

■ Dry item completely. Foam rubber pillows are slow to dry.

Additional Features

Cycle Signal

The Cycle Signal produces an audible sound when the drying cycle is finished. Press CYCLE SIGNAL to turn On or Off at any time before or during a cycle.

Changing Cycles and Settings:

You can change AUTOMATIC Cycles, TIMED DRY Cycles, and the drying temperature on TIMED DRY Cycles at any time before pressing START/PAUSE.


Changing Cycles after starting dryer:

1. Press the POWER button. This ends the current cycle and turns the dryer OFF.

2. Press the POWER button again or press the cycle selector to turn on the dryer.

3. Select the desired cycle and options.

4. Press and hold START/PAUSE. The dryer starts at the beginning of the new cycle.

Changing Drying Temperature:

You can change the drying temperature on Timed Dry cycles at any time by pressing the TEMP button until the desired drying temperature is lit.6
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